Switch to Litecoin after the difficulty increase, or stay with Bitcoin?

So I am mining with a 5970 and getting ~700 mhash/s. This new difficulty brings my earnings down to about $2.70 a day. I can probably get $3 a day mining litecoins, but that is dependent on price of litecoin v. bitcoin and other stuff like that.
(above calculated using litecoin and bitcoin profit calculators)
If the price of Bitcoin increases again I would hate to miss it. What do you guys think?
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I think I'm way off on the hashrate.

I ordered this graphics card and I saw the saphire alternative on this site to see that it has a 27.0 Mhash/s rating.
Assuming the conversion from Mhash to Khash is the same from megabytes to kilobytes, I could easily see that got.... 27,000 Khash??? that doesn't see right because that means according to this calculator that would mean I was making over 15 litecoin per day. I seriously doubt it is this easy to produce these. I'm sorry for sounding like an idiot. It's late and I probably am off by a couple zeros.
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Questions from someone who is new to Bitcoin

Hello, I am very interested in trying bitcoin or litecoin to make a few extra dollars here or there. I've done some research, and I have a few questions.
Right now, I'm looking at the Butterfly Labs Jalapeno. It costs $275, and it processes 5GH/S. I ran that through the Bitcoin Calculator ( and it estimated that it would return $15,000 a year at bitcoin's current price of 148.00. (Click this link to see my settings:
I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here. I figure there's no way I should expect that kind of return. What am I missing? How much should I expect to make? What advice would you offer to a noob like me? Right now, I'm mostly in the research phase, I don't want to dive in until I'm sure it's the right decision.
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